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Sunday, January 01, 2006


FCN Series


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She has 'Crush' on you Archive

“She has a ‘crush’ on you”
Part the Second: She has a ‘crush’ on you
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Part the Sixth: She has a 'Crush' on you
Part the Seventh: She has 'Crush' on you

Olymic Training Archive

Olympic Training: Part 1
Olympic Training: Part 2
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Homies Archive

Homies, Day 1: Night of the Living Dead Pooh-Bears
Homies, Day 2: "I Thought He was with You."
Homies, Day 3: Wump.
Homies, Day 4: "You can crash at their place."
Homies, Day 5: Cleanup.
Homies, Day 6: The Lame Escape

About Us

We are all (most of us) students, but we rarely do well in our classes because we spend the lectures writing Funny Class Notes. That's right, instead of doodling, we craft semi-coherent commentaries on our life and times and publish them here for your enjoyment. We doodle, too.

F, 21 years old, is a college dropout with a penchant for setting things on fire. He works odd project-based jobs like carrying restaurant's trash out to the dump because the employees are too lazy to do it themselves. Hobbies include Halo trivia, sleeping in contests, and binge-drinking non-alcoholic drinks like Diet Coke. Many years ago, someone told him he was a quitter, and from that day on he has been working on the same piece of chewing gum. So apparently she was wrong about him.

Like F, C is also 21 years old and has been trying unsuccessfully for fourteen years to act his age. Even as a senior at a mid-major private school -- a position that might allow some to whisper "prospects" -- C finds ways to regularly fumble opportunities and chances at self-improvement. As a result, he is very poorly self-improved. C moves with the grace of an offensive lineman and has the perfect face for radio -- or so he's been told by many a date, and loves the Oxford comma. He also likes sports analogies -- another fact iterated by many a date. C aspires to four things in life: dereliction of responsibility, irresponsibility, redundancy and to grow a sophisticated gut.

N, the youngest member of the steadily growing FCN crew, is the only writer still in high school. He likes to put his efforts towards important things like drowning prevention and feeding his cat. Since a young age he has specialized in the arts of procrastination and accidentally-deleting-his-own-posts-so-they-have-to-be-rewritten-and-posted-at-later-dates. He also thinks ninjas are better than pirates. And In-n-Out is the best food on earth. Deal with it.

Jessica is 17 years old, and is a freshman at a university located smack dab in the middle of a cornfield. On occasion, she peruses the aforementioned cornfield in search of crop circles. Jessica has also never been on a real date. (Her one date with F was simply a result of luck and feminine manipulation. It doesn't really count.) Jessica avoids shopping malls like the black plague. Not only because she's broke, but because malls seem to be a breeding ground for materialism. But mostly because she's broke. Jessica could get good grades if she wanted to... but she doesn't want to show the other students up -- at least that's what she tells her parents.

Ana, the self-appointed older sister of F, C, and N, has always kept a tight reign on her younger brothers, and credits herself for 90% of their success. She is a serious student and was proud to receive straight C's this past semester, an achievement she attributes to the fact that she cut down her online video watching from 20 hours a week to 15. Ana's great goal in life is to learn how to dance, but the chances of ever achieving this goal are slim, as even her real brothers refuse to dance with her.

Please feel free to peruse the site at your leisure or send us an email at FunnyClassNotes@Gmail.com with any class note you want included. Note that all email we receive at this address is considered fair game for posting.