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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Boredom is the Mother of Creativity

It was another typical, dreary day in my Organic Chem class. If Organic Chem was a type of weather, it would be one of those days in November when it's not quite winter or fall, but dark and blustery... and awful.

Fortunately for me, my best friend is in the same class. She alleviates the intense boredom caused by my professor's droning voice. Not only is she pretty and witty, she is also a closet poet.

And today she wrote a poem in class. I laughed out loud at the result of her creative energy. My professor now thinks his jokes are funny. My classmates now think I'm a lunatic. They may be right, but whatever. See for yourself.

I happened upon a man one day
(His palor markedly white)
An unabashed grin being all he wore
(It gave me quite a fright)
"Good God, dear sir, what happened to you?
Your skin's so markedly pale
You shouldn't leave such things for the world to see
Considering you're irrevocably male."
He responded "A long time ago much before your day
I was not but a wee lad of two
Minding my own in a bath when the nurse
Had an aneurysm and out with the water she threw
My humble self to the street."
"For shame!" I cried, "And let a curse hang upon her head,
But dear sir, you have failed to mention yet
Why you are still so... naked."
"My color I shan't account for
'Twas given me at birth
And I will always bless whom gave it me,
My only mother, Earth.
As for my persistent state
My theory is simple, you see:
It was naked my mother saw me last,
And I have remained so, lest she shouldn't recognize me."