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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Top 40 Break Up


You're such a rude boy.  How low can you go?  You did say you would break my heart, but over the telephone?  So we're over, onto the next one?  What's going on in your head?

I feel like I never even met you!  You said I was your baby, your (very attractive) chick, your american honey.   When we were dancing I never wanted to let you go. I was addicted to your natural, young, glittery smile.  I liked your dad and sister, too.

OMG, you meant everything to me.  Nothing hurts as much as you running and turning your back.  I thought I (made) all the right moves.  Time is ticking;  I need you and hope this is only temporary.   Can we try again?  I'm tired of talking about bad romance.

Imma be sleeping with a broken heart.


Anonymous said...

Someone's been listening to too much KWIN...

Chris Jeub said...

Consider marriage. Life on this side is nice...the heartbreak songs fade away.

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