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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


One of our writers is pregnant.

One of our writers has contracted a very violent and contagious disease.

One of our writers is afraid of the Internet.

One of our writers woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

One of our writers was left in the drier.

One of our writers was mauled by a mythical animal.

All of our writers are out of ideas.

One of the above excuses is true.

Please give us some time as we sort this out. We will be on sabbatical until the first of November.

Ideas are appreciated in the interim.

Thanks and see you in a month.



you can call me batman said...

I sent you guys an email, but you didn't seems to care. You'd better not leave for a month (not like you haven't already... slackers. jk) I will get srsly depressed if you leave!

The Reluctant Dragon said...

I would always appreciate posts that negatively represent the erm, group of brothers who call themselves Jonas, and attempt to be musicians.
What was it Joe Quinnan said?

"The Jonas Brothers maliciously tried to pass themselves off as entertainers."

Rachel said...

Well, if it's really true, I'll miss you guys...

Lauren H said...

Just write about your classes. I know I have plenty of amusing episodes that could easily be turned into FCN material. :P

those crazy ppl are going to EAT ME!!! said...

@ Lauren,
Me too! my classes are FULL of um... special people. Sit in on 2nd period biology at Jim Elliot Christian High for some really good post material.

Oh, yeah, anything that mocks Disney Channel cookie-cutter sing*cough*ers *cough* would be great.

DTH Rocket said...

I have an idea. How about some random list of quotes from your teachers horribly taken out of context?

Or how about listing five things you learned every day for a week. Or a month? Perhaps things that you learned that aren't what you would typically learn in school, or that people don't normally think about.

I'm a new follower, so be back soon!

beanbag said...

I ditto The Reluctant Dragon! Write about the Jonas Bros!
I mean, look at this!