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Friday, September 04, 2009

Vote for ?

One of my hall mates approached me yesterday on my way to class and threw her catchy campaign slogan at me. I liked it. See, she's running for freshman class president and is trying to raise support. I encouraged her, promised her my vote, and kept walking.

This morning, one of my other friends accosted me in the college cafeteria at lunch and declared his intention to run for freshman class president. He promised, in a very Pedroesque style, to make all my wildest dreams come true if I vote for him. I encouraged him, promised him my vote, and went back to eating my hamburger-turned-meatloaf-turned-goulash-turned-chili.

Oh snap.

I'm in so much trouble. There's a few options I have to fix this situation.

  1. I vote for the guy. We become BFFs. My unit mate hates me. And unless you're a girl in a dorm, you have NO idea how much drama that would cause. Seriously... I have goosebumps just thinking about it.
  2. I vote for the girl. We become BFFs. I influence her to have hand lotion dispensers put in the women's restrooms all over campus. The guy hates me, but my wildest dreams have come true anyway. Come on, free hand lotion, right!?
  3. I abstain from voting. No hand lotion, no wildest dreams coming true, but neither friend has cause to hate me. So boring.
  4. I lie about who I voted for, and tell each one not to tell the other friend who I voted for. Sneaky. So secret agent-ish. But this is a Christian University and that just doesn't feel right.
  5. OR... I run for freshman class president. I beat them both. They hate me, but can't help but be happy for me. I get the hand lotion dispensers. How hard could it be?

I don't know what to do. What do you, the omniscient and wise faithful few, think I should do in this situation? Is there really a "right" way out of this mess?


Tim said...

Ditch the guy. He probably half expects it. And it was the second promise that made you a liar.

AMRunner said...

Actually you were a liar after the first promise since you never intended to keep it. I say you run...

Anonymous said...

I say that you go with the one that would be the best for the school! and when you have voted, pull the one you didn't vote for aside and tell him or her, why you didn't vote for them in the most respectful way you know how! after all... voting for president no matter what the presidency ruls over, should be for the good of everyone... not just yourself!

Jonathan said...

Do you guys use secret ballots? that would solve your entire problem.