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Monday, May 14, 2007

The FCN Shirts are finally here!

Some of you may have already begun to suspect something. The assorted FCN contributors and LLFCN members wandering around in clever T-shirts was probably a subtle hint. A not-so-recent post announcing that we were going to be releasing shirts may have also let the cat out of the bag. So maybe we aren't the best at keeping secrets. There's no shame in that. Okay, actually there is, but let's skip that and dig into the interesting part.

Duuuuuuuuuuuuude. Are we schnazzy now or what?

We released these shirts to the fan club two weeks ago, and they met rave reviews: "I hate you! Aaaaaah!" Fun stuff like that. We are now releasing them for general public consumption so you don't have to be the only non-FCNer at the next social function.

Just click on that gorgeous panel up above, or, if you're not the type to click on things, go to:


Note the star at the end of the link. This is absolutely critical, because it tells our sales department that you came from here, and they'll give us an extra two cents profit. That's right, instead of making six cents a shirt, we'll make SEVEN.

Note that we'll be adding to this list periodically, so keep checking back. If there's a favorite FCN tagline you can't find on there, drop us a line. Being the shameless panderers that we are, we probably won't be able to resist making a new shirt just for you.

So, what are you waiting for? We're starving over here! Go buy something!


A City in Germany said...

Oh my...I will be having fun with this. Unfortuantely, my bank account is a little tight also, so I'll have to wait about a month and a half. Save me a few!!!!

Hank the Janitor said...

I love the Extremely Subtle shirt. I may buy one once I get the money.

Anonymous said...

grrr, there aren't any shirts for women!!! you guys are a bunch of chauvinistic, masculinist...somethings-i-won't-say!

* huff *

i guess i'll buy the FCN <3 Mommy G and the EXTREMELY subtle shirts as soon as i'm not operating in the red.

ursula schumbert-cockrel said...

And I don't have enough money, either, or I'd get "I'm a Desperate Student" pronto.

Anonymous said...

luv your shirts

Vevy said...

I love the I'm a Victim one. :D
And the Desperate Student. I might need that one in college. ;D

Lady A said...

This is sad. I think all of the FCN readership are desperate students. None of them have money.

gummi said...

I like pink shirts too!!
do u guys?