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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Get Involved!

Early this month, FCN esssentially shut down. There's been nothing but a faint trickle of bone-headed posts that insult the intelligence of the faithful more than anything else (that is, insult said intelligence more than the usual post).

Shameful. Cowardly. Lazy.

Thankfully, Class C2 has stepped into the breach by creating a petition (and threat of lawsuit) in an effort to bring FCN back immediately. We support this petition wholeheartedly and encourage all eleven of you to go there immediately and sign it. For those of you who don't click on things, try:


Get involved. Make yourself heard. It's the American way.

Speaking of the American way, we noticed that there may be a lucrative lawsuit in the works and would like to get dibs on a cut since we were some of the first people to affix our seals to the petition (comment approval pending as of this post's publication). It seems only right that we get at least a small portion of whatever the jury awards. We presume it's a class action lawsuit, and we, being FCN readers at least as much anyone else, ought to benefit. After all, it is our blog.



trevor said...

Agreed. But only if all of you sign the petition -- F, C and N.

big mo said...

okey dokey, if f,c, and n are signing, i'll sign.

here goes nothing!

Anonymous said...

wow you must have some major ballot stuffing in order to get more then 11 votes in the poll.