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Sunday, December 30, 2007


We resolved not to come back until January, but we just couldn't do it. The voice of public opinion was too loud.

So, as of this moment, FCN is back in business and stronger than ever, and we're back to the usual daily routine of tacky jokes gently sprinkled amongst tacky autobiographies and tacky social critiques. We've got a great lineup of posts for January, including New Year's Resolutions, new interviews, a few fascinating essays, and Desperate Student's last episode in Zimbabwe.

In other news, the Holidays are just about over, and frankly, we can't wait to get back to the classic gray scheme. So we're pulling the plug on red and green right now. The Holidays are over. FCN is posting again. Deal with that.

There have been complaints about the shortness of our December posts. In fact, there were some pretty vocal protests (complete with rotten tomatoes stuffed into C's bed - pretty funny stuff if you ask anyone but him). So it just doesn't seem right to cut this post short now, even if we have temporarily run out of things to say.

So, instead of giving you new content (that comes tomorrow), we're going to start a nostalgia-fest by reviewing all the FCN slogans we used since some undisclosed date when we started keeping track of them. Hopefully they'll give you the same little tingles of happy memory they did us. Read on, and don't forget to come back tomorrow. We've got a really sweet post planned. At least that's what our moms tell us.

FCN slogans of the past few months:

Stop Snickering.
Second link to the right and straight on till morning. Or you can just MapQuest us.
Based on a true story.
Stop. Think. FCN.
Life Tip: Don't do anything that'll get mentioned in the Life Tips.
Eternal Fusarium
100% Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
Flippant College Nerds.
Class is a four letter word.
Semantic Frivolity.
Taking your mom out for a steak dinner and never calling her back since 1821.
Cunning cultural commentary cleverly crafted as classic comedy.
Wearing white after Labor Day since 1821.
A straight player in a world where Panera Bread has soups and salads, Burger King serves chicken sandwiches and Subway makes a fajita wrap that belongs at Taco Bell.
Putting the "blague" in blog.
So you're French. Do you celebrate Ramadan?
"Much study is a weariness of the flesh." ~Ecclesiastes 12:12
Where it's always Summer!
Fox Uniform November November Yankee Charlie Lima Alpha Sierra Sierra November Oscar Tango Echo Sierra
Everything that ever happened to us. And a few things that haven't.
Serious comedy.
"Why can't you guys just push backspace like everyone else?"
TGIFCN: Thank God It's Funny Class Notes
The comfort of three blades; the precision of one.
Not even a pretty face.
Getting caught with our hands in the cookie jar since 1821.

We wear sunglasses not to look cool, but to hide the fact that we aren't very bright.
If written by gods, FCN would be Cathenotheistic
Laughing 'till we loose our fillings. Or is it "Luce" our fillings?
Plurium Stupidium.
Conceived in 1821 via parthenogenesis.
We refuse to be offended when our readers are.
If your brains were on the stove, FCN stirs the soup.
Official Website of the Declaw Osiris campaign.
Fearfully Cowering Ne'er-do-wells.
Home of the Half-Eaten Gingerbread House.
Putting the empty milk carton back in the fridge since 1821.
Normative vernacular parlance for the vulgar masses.


Anonymous said...

YEY~! Your back~!!!!!! I love you guys~! Go Desperate Student~!

adrialien said...

Wow, I can't believe how many of those I never saw! Wait, did you guys even put all of those up at one time during the last year? Anyways, glad you're back and I hope the new year sees FCN brimming with content and never going on vacation!

200 said...

This is a very good day.

Torin said...


big mo said...

welcome back, f, c, and n.

i have to say, the milk carton is my favorite slogan. how many times i have done that.

also, unless you guys are immortal or possess extreme longevity, there's no way you could have done anything in 1821 and still be doing anything now.

just fyi.