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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Awkward Situation #3

Picture this.
You're cruising around on Facebook, minding your own business.
You get an instant message from Becky, a girl in your Biology class.
"Hey how r u?"
"OK, I guess." You don't really know why she's talking to you, so you go with a general answer.
"Hey u kno Samantha from our class?"
"Yeah." You know her vaguely, she sits behind you most of the time.
"Hey what do u think of her new haircut?"
"I think she's trying too hard. College bobs are overused. You'd think she'd be more creative."
"Hey what do you mean 'college bob'?"
"You know, a lot of girls cut their hair short while they're at college as a sign of independence and maturity. I think it's tacky."
"Hey, so would u go out with her?"
"Nope. She's a snob."
"Hey you're a JERK."
"Hey, this IS Samantha, so watch it bud. I hacked into Becky's facebook to talk to you."
Your mouse heads for the "logout" button before you know what you're doing.

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hanagrace said...

Ouch. The dangers of facebook.