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Friday, March 27, 2009

Awkward Situation #5

Picture this. You're the best man in a wedding. It's the big day and you are at the future home of the bride and groom getting dressed for the wedding. A woman comes over who is dressed very nicely, makeup and hair done. She puts some of the groomsmen to work folding the programs for the ceremony and proceeds to the master bedroom to make the bed.

You offer her your assistance, all the while wondering who she is. Finally, you ask: "I don't think we've met; are you the photographer?"

"No," she replies, "I'm the maid of honor...we met last night at the rehearsal, remember?"

You can tell she's slightly put off by the fact that you don't recall meeting her, so you try to smooth things over with your suave, always-appropriate humor.

"Wow!" you say, "It's like extreme makeover!"



hanagrace said...

Dude! I feel bad for you, although I don't think I would feel anything but hatred if I had been on the receiving end of that comment.

Anonymous said...

(optional ending)
"Yeah", she says. "And when is your turn?"