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Thursday, March 05, 2009

"Strawberry" Milk

I have a problem with red milk. I could care less about most iterations of cow's milk. I drink the stuff white, off-white and clear. I drink milk from Caucasian cows and I drink milk from African-American cows. I drink milk with enzymes and I drink it without enzymes. I drink milk from obese cows, milk from skinny cows and milk from the cows who are undecided about their weight. I drink milk with eggs added and milk with eggs and courage added.

But I can't handle the idea of "strawberry" milk. Milk should be an offering of affection from heifer to calf. The fact that we interrupt the stream with our greedy cartons is sufficient. We shouldn't also forcibly remove the milk from the animal. I want my milk given freely, not coerced or torn from its producer!

And I certainly don't want to be drinking more than milk in my cup. Please, farmers, have some concept of respect for the creatures under your stewardship. Get the milk when the milk is offered and no earlier. Tomatoes you can harvest green; milk is different. You should wait and let it turn a healthy shade of white.

Shame on you for violating the heifer and then covering your tracks by sticking on a name like "strawberry" to make it appetizing. No one is fooled. No one.


Anonymous said...

Eww. That's just gross.

hanagrace said...

Okay, you're making me really glad I don't drink milk.

you can call me lactose intolerant said...

uh, smart one? a heiffer is a female cow that hasn't had babies yet. just thought I'd letcha know. lol.