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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

FCN Classic: Blue Screen of Death

Q. What's more irritating than having your computer crash right before you press save?
A. The Blue Screen of Death.

Every Windows user knows what I mean by this. Whenever the system is needed most, it will invariably flash a blue screen covered in text for a half second, then crash and reboot, leaving you screaming and tearing out your hair. What makes the BSOD (also known on online help forums as BluScrn and ttl deth h@xors CTD) so irritating is the fact that you can never read what it says. For years, we all assumed that the Blue Screen of Death held the key to preventing future crashes. To this end, FCN used a top-secret and slightly unethical device to capture an image of the Blue Screen of Death on my nearly-new ThinkPad T42.

In the name of information and education (two things FCN is not known for) we proudly present to you: The Windows XP Blue Screen of Death.

Click on the thumbnail.

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matthewwatson said...

Actually, the old BSODs ( < Win 98) were very easily readable. They were also more deadly.

Lazrmagnt said...

go linux!! whoohoo!

macnerd said...

HA! my mac laughs at your pathetically inferior computing system. I WIN!!!