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Friday, August 07, 2009

Snakes On a Plane Are the Least of My Worries

Even with all the post 9-11 efforts made by the TSA to crack down on terrorism involving aircraft, I'm surprised no one has tried something and succeeded in doing something treacherous. Not that I condone terrorism, nor do I like danger. I'm not even saying someone HAS in fact tried something yet failed. Surely there have been many foiled attempts. And rightly so. I'm glad to be protected by airport security.

I was reminded of that security recently when I packed to fly across the United States. Packing to fly is... well it's a pain in the neck. I decided to liven up the process by letting my mind wander. It went places no peaceful, innocent mind should go. My thoughts were dedicated to figuring out ways people could turn permitted carry-on items into harmful, or even lethal weapons. It was unsettling. Suddenly my pencil wasn't just an ordinary pencil. It was a ice-pick-like stabbing utensil. My broken hand mirror became several sharp blades, useful for cutting throats. A harmless bobby pin could be used to put an eye out. My book could knock someone out cold if I hit them hard enough. And honestly... why even call a safety razor by such a deceiving name. Does security believe no terrorist would be smart enough to de-safety a safety razor? Geez. Wake up and smell the scalding hot, disable-the-flight-attendant coffee.

So why does the TSA still allow carry on baggage that consists of anything other than some socks, a magazine, and a snickers bar? Seems like they're taking a huge leap of faith by trusting people (and potential terrorists, no doubt) to use their belongings in the way they're supposed to be used. I for one am glad carry-on baggage is still allowed. I don't personally want to fork over $30 bucks round-trip to check my bags. Assuming I had $30 dollars after buying that plane ticket. Sure, my idea of creative weaponry may be a bit far-fetched. But if someone eventually uses a pencil, mirror, bobby pin, book, razor, and a cup of coffee to disable a flight crew and hijack a plane... don't say you weren't warned.

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