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Friday, August 28, 2009

Trying to Write a Post

Every so many days or so, it is my turn to write a post for FCN. Sometimes I forget and nothing gets posted, sometimes I have something ready, and other times I don't have anything prepared and my mind is a blank slate. Today is one of those times.

Trying to come up with a post when you've got nothing is like trying to rip off your own toenails. It's like being interrogated by Jack Bauer. It's like trying to get your younger siblings to do their chores. And it's like having your innards ripped out of you and set on fire before your very eyes.

So here I sit at midnight on a Thursday, trying to write something funny, or at least clever, to post on Friday morning. But, I've got nothing.

Meanwhile, I'm listening to Pandora and watching espionage shows on hulu. Suddenly, an idea comes to me. Why not write a post about a musician who is an undercover spy for the Russian secret service? It would go something like this:

Vladimir was having a long day. He had already eliminated five spies from three different foreign agencies and he was ready to get some sleep. Unfortunately, his coffee was only 1 hour into his system and he'd be awake for at least another four hours.

"Oh well," he thought. "I guess I'll just try to arrange a meeting with Banov."

After that, it's pretty fuzzy. I suppose I'd finish off with an explosion and Vladimir's death or something (anything to prevent having to continue a series), but I really don't know. This post, at any rate, is over.

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anon123,456,789,000 said...

it's really quite a clever post, imho, you should have nothing to say more often.