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Friday, February 13, 2009

Awkward Situation #1

Picture this.

You're sitting in class.

Your professor is explaining, for the 14th time, the difference between an oligarchy and an autocracy. You were up late last night watching The Dark Knight. Again. You shotgunned a Red Bull before class but it apparently isn't kicking in yet.

Your eyelids droop and fall closed subconsciously, and you are vaguely aware of resting your head on the desk. You're studying by osmosis, right?

You don't know how long you've been asleep, but you suddenly feel your neighbor shaking you awake. Feverishly he whispers, "Dr. Stevens wants you to stand and close the class in prayer... wake up!"

So you stand and begin to pray. You're aware of a few faint twitters and giggles. You finish praying and sit down.

Your classmates are staring at you. Trying to keep a straight face, your professor folds his hands in front of him and says, "Thank you for that impromptu prayer. Do you mind if I finish the lesson now?"

You look at your neighbor, who won't make eye contact with you. But judging from the silent laughter racking his body, you know you've been punked.


hanagrace said...

You poor guy, did they really do this to you!? I see the title says #1, are there more coming? Very funny, though.

guitarbob said...

wow, that sounds like like something i would do...sadly...

Christopher Yerziklewski said...

That was amazing. Funniest thing I've heard since Christmas.

you can call me batman said...

That's gotta be the funniest thing ever!!!

Grace said...

Wow. That is just about insane enough to be true.. :D

Vevystefana said...

HAHAH, that's a great idea. :D