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Friday, February 20, 2009

25 Random Things: Miley Cyrus Edition

We at FCN have been able to access Miley Cyrus's Facebook profile through sources that will remain confidential. We found one of her recent notes to be particularly interesting, and will now re-distribute it here without permission. Enjoy, but don't tell the cybercops.

My 25 totally random things! =)

1. Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude!

2. The number of years I dated Nick Jonas. LOSER.

3. I'm obsessed with brushing my teeth... it bugs Emily Osment, but whatev.

4. I tape Hannah Montana so I can study myself. You gotta love TiVo.

5. I'm a vegetarian, but I so totally love shrimp!

6. I have pet chickens. Isn't that hot?

7. I'm hypoglycemic. OHMYGOSH, I finally spelled it right!

8. I'm a fan of cosmetic dentistry.

9. I'm starting to get worn out. See here for an explanation of my demise.

10. Miley was totally not my real name. It was a nickname. My real name was Destiny. But I changed my name, so I'm all legal and everything now.

11. I'm not just a celebrity. I'm a corporation.

12. I totally heart Chinese people even though my slanty eyed pose thingy got slammed by the press. Bummer. Chinese people are totally boss. AND Chinese food rocks.

13. To prove that the above random fact is totally true, I decided to show that I am tolerant of ALL my fans! See here:

14. I've never taken formal singing lessons! Bet you couldn't tell, huh?

15. Dolly Parton is my godmother. That. Is. So. Messed. Up.

16. I could shop all day. Shocker!

17. I don't pose nude. Only partially nude. There's a big difference.

18. I date underwear models. But my daddy-poo approves.

19. Oh my goodness, there's a piece of glitter on the carpet!

20. And there's a piece of glitter on my shirt!

21. I'm working so hard to be a "good girl". My Disney career depends on it!

22. I'm a borderline schizophrenic. My alter ego has long blond hair and wears tight brightly colored pants.

23. I heart txting.

24. I look so fat in 3D. Time to go anorexic again.

25. I wear a promise ring. As soon as I can remember what the promise is, I can take it off. But I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by breaking a promise when I don't remember what it was!


hanagrace said...

Ha ha!!! Awesome!

beanbag said...

Wicked... best post I've seen in awhile...

you can call me batman said...

funniest thing ever. in the whole world.