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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fan Letter from Germany

FCN received the following fan letter several weeks ago. We post it now to prove that ladies sometimes read our blog, and because it makes us so happy. In an attempt to preserve an "Age 2 and Under" rating on this blog, we have gently censored the fan mail. We have not corrected any English (mainly because Hanna's guess is as good as ours).

Hey FCN-team,

my name is Hanna (22), I come from Germany how do you like me so far?
I'm about to write you a fan letter, so listen and repeat. OK then, listening suffices.

I hope my English is good enough to understand, I just had a beer, cause alcohol improves my foreign lenguage skills just to be on the safe side. But it actually doesn't matter, don't worry, I'm not gonna say anything interesting. By the way, fair warning, cause if words fail me, then they positively run in terror from my bad grammar. But chocking noises are serious comments as well, right? No, seriously - in that case I try other ways of expression: taking pictures of flowers, juggling axes, fire twirling with socks stuffed with coconuts, taming wild horses, making human sculptures

(I thought that's funny at least in my head).

Well, instead of learning I always do any crap in the internet that's basically how I found your website. Meanwhile four days had past and I can't stop reading. I just can't. When I had time to be online as from the evenings, I did nothing but reading your blog since the last three nights. And when I had a look at the clock again, it was already too late to go to bed early - and besides, sleeping at night is way too mainstream, don't you think?

So I made three nights of it. Result the next days I was so overtired that I wasn't able to focus on anything. I had to turn down the radio to back into a parking space (granted, I always have to do that),

I confirmed important information with: I get it, hmm, yes exactly yeah, right no, I didn't understand that , I was so absent-minded that I didn't notice it actually was my friend's new jacket I diplomatically commented with oh my gosh, how [unfashionable] is that oh it's yours scuse! and I had to say sorry that I'm still laughing um does it still hurt way too often.
I sort of felt like: Who am I? And if yes, how many ? That should be on your conscience. Just saying

I can't handle sleep deprivation well and I really shouldn't forgive you. But I'm totally in love with this blog! So I think I do forgive you nevertheless.

Everytime I was bored in the past, I just took a look into the fridge. Then marveled at the sausage, closed the fridge and continued to be bored. Today I laugh about your storys.

I thought about it for a few minutes now but I just don't get the bridge between sausage and your blog It's just everytime it's funny (the blog, not the sausage).

I laughed in that embarrassing way you do when the laughter just bursts out of you; laughed so hard I had to cross my legs to keep from peeing my pants; came very close to spitting water all over the table; snorted and there are moments I expected a doctor to say I think we lost her . Are you [!] trying to kill me? ;-)) Im sure it added a year to my life; but it could have taken a year off and it still would have been worth it! Thanks!

Since I discovered your website I actually laughed that much that I had to practice looking grave again. Though I probably shouldn't have practiced in public because my friends soon got disturbed and I had to come up with an excuse: I'm not frowning! This is Editorial Posing you spaz !

They think I'm insane.

Moreover your blog offered me a new way to bother my friends. I like to annoy people, that's just my thing. So I've been spamming them with the FCN-link for like two days now (constantly with requesting a read confirmation) and no one was able to offer resistance. Even my friend Rina had to rofl at the storys - judging from the fact that her English is like good music I dance, not good music I not dance .

(I intended it for a compliment).

Thank you so so much for making my days (which actually are nights) and please please!! keep it up!

I love you guys. I really do! ;-)


PS: If you need inspiration, what about headings like:

[These suggestions censored because we're pretty much using all of them later on].

Have a good one, guys! In Germany, it's 2.00 a.m. and I have to catch up on some sleep now. J

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you can call me batman said...

is this srsly real? lol. I think she might have had more than one beer...