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Monday, April 20, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New

So ends the Zombie Monday series.

We hope you enjoyed it, and more importantly, we trust that we've done our part to prepare you for the upcoming apocalypses. Apocalypti. Apocalyptemials. Point being: we're done with that.

Today was supposed to be the day we rolled out a brand new Monday series that has nothing to do with zombies. It was really going to be tremendous. Unfortunately, the grueling research workload to get that series ready for you has proven to be slightly more than this college dropout can handle - especially since he spent the weekend partying (can't remember where or how but it was pretty great).

Here at FCN, quality is our top priority. We wouldn't dare post something unless we were absolutely certain it passed our rigorous standards for excellence and was guaranteed to improve, entertain, and enlighten you. The new series is not yet ready, so consider this post an IOU. Take a number, go to the back of the line, and start hitting refresh. And next week, get ready for big life changes.


The Reluctant Dragon said...

Yessss! *The hallelujah chorus strikes up* Love the blog, ditch the zombie. *Sniff* You don't know what this means to me.

Katie said...

HAHA. I love that you actually did put off writing something ;-) Good job. Partying was great... I think you were just dizzy with the awesomeness that I bring. Sorry, I have that effect on people.