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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Harsh Economic Times

Because of the harsh economic times, FCN is...

- Ordering a tall
- Not buying shampoo
- Selling our old socks and underwear
- Selling our parents' old stuff (with permission)
- Selling our parents' old stuff (without permission)
- Answering emails from suspicious Nigerians
- Taking donations
- Abstaining from showers
- Dumpster diving
- Renting out our cars
- Running ads
- Packing a sack lunch
- Reusing disposable products
- Coasting more & accelerating and braking less
- Grocery shopping at the 99 cent store
- Clothes shopping at the 99 cent store
- Giving friends "one-of-a-kind worn-in jeans" for their birthdays
- Going on vacation...to the local movie theater
- Renting out our bedrooms
- Selling most of our organs
- Adopting kids for the tax deductions


The Reluctant Dragon said...

Abstaining from showers and dumpster diving. Mine own self has dumpster diveth before, and it lingers ye old smell of alchoholic beverages. Mayhaps this is not a good combinaton for the likes of our countrymen. Prithee, my good fellows, dost thou knowest today is "Speaketh like Shakespeare" day?

thou canst calleth me... nerdeth? said...

aye, thou speakest well, Reluctant Dragon. Today is believethed to be Shakespeare's birthdayeth.