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Friday, June 01, 2007

10 Fun Things To Do This Weekend

Have a spare moment during the next few days and void of any cool ideas? Have a hot date but nothing do do? Try these...

1. Make a threatening video.

2. Slip Emergen-C into Lindsay Lohan's snuff box.

3. Globe trot with a highly contagious strain of Tuberculosis.

4. Crash Cindy Sheehan's going away party.

5. Boo a Mexican.

6. Hug a Ginsburg.

7. Take a virtual stroll down Broadway.

8. Catch the game on Hugo Chavez's big screen.

9. Make fun of “Stray-Rod.”

10. Buy some spicy eye wash.


Karen said...

#2 opened up some amazing possibilities in my personal life. I'm forever indebted.

concerned reader said...

Umm, are you guys sure you didn't offend Mommy G by ruining her house? She hasn't commented in a long time...

copycat said...

I think I'll do #2 and #10!
dont think I will use the eyewash... ya, that opened some "nice" possibilities in my life too.

Anonymous said...

#2 is the best Idea. Ever.
#3 sounds purty good to...

Mommy g said...

Mommy g still present and accounted for! Thanks for your concern, concerned reader. Finally posted yesterday on Desperate Student. I'm just behind on my reading.