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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

1st Do It Yourself Post

Ever since we phased out full-length Wednesday posts, we've been dependably getting comments from regular readers reminding us that Life Tips and Notes to Self "don't count." It's been so regular and dependable we've actually taking to setting our watches based on the "don't count" comments.

"Hey, adrialien just told us that wasn't a real post. My watch is 3 minutes fast!"
"Well, it's nine o'clock. Where's batman?"

Much as we love the normal routine, we thought we should consider shaking things up some. The obvious choice was to just start posting Wednesdays again just like any other day. But we don't want to do that. We have all kinds of great reasons, the last one of which is actually true:

- Wednesdays are unlucky.
- We want to shake things up.
- We don't have enough content.
- Wednesday is the day when the the fish of the sea were created.
- We're too lazy.

So, in lieu of a standard post, we'd like to give folks like adrialien and batman (and the rest of you) a chance to make the post yourself. You don't even need a post idea. We'll take care of (almost) everything. Here's how it works: we'll post a short something - usually just a single sentence - including at least one blank spot. You'll complete the post by commenting with the completed phrase. We'll always kick things off with the first comment (unless you're really really quick and comment between the time we post and the time we comment - for which you get brownie points) to give you an idea how it works.

The more people participate, the better this works, so don't be shy. You don't need to be clever. Look at us. We've been running this blog for eons in blog-time and we didn't have to be clever. We just posted something and eventually people came and read it and went lol at it. That process was repeated ten times - count them - times. So comment. It takes fifteen seconds and when you're done people will say good things about you and flowers will grow and birds will sing.

Well, enough with the preliminaries. Let's make a post!

__________ is the new __________.


FCN said...

White is the new black.

AMRunner said...

Tiger Woods is the new Michael Jordan.

Christopher Yerziklewski said...

Calm is the new passion.

Nattles said...

Mountain Dew is the new Coke.

you can call me batman said...

black is the new black

Anonymous said...

__________ is the new __________ is the new banished word.

big mo said...

bad is the new good

Matthew said...

Comments are the new content.

big mo said...

nice, matthew, very nice.

Jacob said...

FCN: Black is the new white.

Mr. Yerziklewski: Passion is the new cool.

Nattles: Coke is the old Mountain Dew.

Batman: Nonexistance is the new black.

Anonymous: Banished word is the new isthenewism.

Big Mo: But sometimes the new good is just bad.

Matthew: Content is the new comments.

Reversal is the new truth.

Nonsense is the new discourse.

big mo said...

death is the new life

Vevystefana said...

music is the new silence

mumble's the word said...

Chairs are the new umber.

Sony is the new giraffe.

macnerd said...

mac is the new awsum (actually it's been that since the dawn of time, but it just sounds cooler)

adrialien said...

Stupidity is the new creativity.

abe said...

weird is the new norm

team cheese said...

processed cheese is the new popcorn

Anonymous said...

this is the new excuse not to post

Fashion consultant said...

Black is the new Brown

Jesse said...

1st Do It Yourself Post is the new way to get people to comment

guitarbob said...


o yea!