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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Forgot

The time has come, ladies and gentlemen. FCN is starting a musical group. We call ourselves FCN, we don't have any instruments, and we couldn't sing on key or keep a rhythm to save our lives.

On to the less obvious stuff.

Instead of releasing our first album (which we're calling "A Capella due to Budget Cuts") all at once, we're opting to release the tracks one at a time. They're not singles (like Up or I'm a Victim). It's just a slow-release album. The tracks will be released in iPod ready form and we've already released album art above ... for you ... album art people.

Our first track is called I Forgot. Enjoy and look forward to the next track coming soon!

/nod to the people who don't click on things


RIchard said...

Ok you guys, completely off the record in the truest sense of the term with pending lawsuits if you fail to understand what that means... that was freaking amazing.

Vevystefana said...

That is amazing.

adrialien said...

What a nightmare!

Can you post the lyrics?

ScribblinScribe said...

Never fear. You'll have fifty+ years left to work on that "falling in love" business. Maybe you'll get around to it sometime after the kids are grown.

Matthew said...

That was awesome, considering the circumstances. Seriously, you need the budget.

you can call me batman said...

can you post the song without me having to download it?

veeeery interesting said...

wow. that was actually pretty good!

Just a little sidenote, though, love is not a hole that you fall into, it's a choice.

Great song! keep 'em comin'!

big mo said...

yeah, that was pretty good guys. i'm impressed.

just to clarify:

are you saying that a person cannot fall in love unless they play the dating game?

Anonymous said...

nice song not the best message not nice combo