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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Day I Cruised Down Main Street Blasting Handel with the Windows Rolled Down

I was driving out to work yesterday and came to a stop at a - you know - stop light. Someone pulled up to my right and I noticed his presence immediately. This is because he had his windows rolled down and was playing Ludacris' "Ludacrismas" * with the volume up all the way and the bass booster even higher.

* You have to listen past the first 30 seconds to really get the idea.

"How thoughtful of this kind gentleman!" I said to myself. "Here he's not only providing himself with music; he's providing it free of charge to everyone within three city blocks! Some of them probably don't have radios and wish they could listen to Ludacris more often."

The light turned green and the driver to my left moved out ahead of me. I noticed as he went by that he was wearing a doo-rag over a baseball cap over a beanie and had a massive gold chain dangling around his neck. His license plate read: IRGANGSTA.

Touched by this anonymous fellow's simple gesture, I drove on and worked my shift. On the way home, as I pulled to a stop at the nearest stop light, I did a moment of brief soul-searching. It didn't seem right, I reasoned, to sit here keeping my music to myself when people all over town probably wanted to hear it. How could I be so selfish, especially after the good example given me by IRGANGSTA?

So I rolled down the windows and pumped up the volume. My radio was playing Handel's "Harmonious Blacksmith" ** at the time.

** The first 30 seconds will give you a pretty good idea.

The light turned green, and I drove on to the next light. As I pulled to a stop, I noticed a few pedestrians at a bus stop looking around in all directions as if trying to find out where the music was coming from. I waved but they didn't seem to connect the dots. They were looking up in the air, in the sewer drain ...

Green light. Off we go. At the next stop, who should pull up alongside me but IRGANGSTA himself. He looked at me for a second with a look of incredulity. I flashed him a thumbs up and a big grin.

He rolled down his windows.

"Hi there, my brother from a different mother!" I shouted over the music. "Are you not totally digging this beat, yo?" He stared for a moment, then turned on his radio. I didn't catch the piece, but it was in the same vein as what he'd been playing this morning. He cranked the volume up all the way.

We listened to our competing musical selections. After a few moments I felt obligated to say something. "Excuse me, home dog. Sup? Anyway, I wonder if you would mind turning your music down. You see, it doesn't sound very nice when played alongside Handel. The tempos are different. So is the melody. In fact, they're not even in the same key. We're talking some serious shizzle here. I mean, what is up with that? Are you with me?"

He made a gesture to indicate he was definitely not with me just as the light turned green. As we drove, side-by-side, to the next light, I wondered how something as simple as community-mindedness could suddenly get so confrontational.

But having been confronted, I was not one to back down. I turned MY music up all the way. I'm happy to report that my speakers were significantly louder than his. Drivers behind us couldn't pick out IRGANGSTA's music, but they could see his car pulsing and vibrating.

Then I leaned over and shouted at him: "Who is the unfaithful woman now, you unfaithful woman? I am not coming on your tab because your tab isn't a hummer. If you want to blow your wig on my blip, that's solid, because I'm perfectly willing to slide my jib until you're done spouting, so help me. Let's face it, you unhep yard dog. You came up on the wrong riff. You can jump this joint all you want. Mellow. But don't you dare start beating it out while I'm busting my conk keeping the port in the groove. You feel me? Because I suggest you latch on to my signification as soon as you can."

I meant that metaphorically. You know that.

I took a left soon after and we parted ways. I declared victory. But I'm sincerely sorry that we couldn't get along more peaceably. Community radio should be about bringing people together. It should be an act of harmony and unity. And it should be a lot of fun. So if you ever see IRGANGSTA around, tell him I'm sorry.

And give him Josh Groban's latest CD. *** I'm good for it.

*** You really don't need to listen to it to get the idea.


Tim said...

I've always wanted to do that...

Christopher Yerziklewski said...

HAHA! That was the best post in a long time. Good stuff my brother from another mother.

ScribblinScribe said...

Are you insinuating
That a bass boost's irritating?
'Cuz man, you got me chokin'.
I don' know what you been smokin'!
There ain't nothin' half so good
As some hip-hop in da 'hood.

But when you go blastin' Handel,
Dude! You need to get a handle!
Ain't nobody ever told you,
Ain't somebody gonna scold you?
Is not every kinda muzic
Good for blastin' in da 'hood.

All I can say is said...

wow. hardcore. bring this stuff on more often.

Jake A. Smith said...

Wow! I agree with Christopher, that was one of the most entertaining posts in awhile.

Robert said...

sweet post! I laughed

guitarbob said...

definitely one of the best in a long time, would be best ever if not for the desperate student mexican labor...

Katie Marie said...


Yep, my mom and I do that sometimes, only our car speakers aren't quite loud enough. Bring on the classical music. :P

200 said...

Yup. Good post.

Jacob said...

I've considered doing that a time or two.

However, you made yourself look like an idiot. I mean, if you're going to insult someone, do it properly with terms like: "unregenerate", "blackgaurd", "malcontent tusked pachyderm", "blistering barnacle", "kamikaze", "doo-ragg'd villan", "dissonant noise", "seafaring galumpus", "thundering typhoon", and of course starting with "Fie on you,"

That is how you insult people.

Amë said...

A license plate can only have 7 characters. IRGANGSTA is more than 7.

Sorry, I've been feeling a bit depressed lately. Maybe that's why I've strolled over here.

Eric Novak said...

Lol! Man this is one of the funniest things I've read for a long time, Right on!

Oh yeah, Josh Groban rocks. I do rate him above Lecrae.

Eric Novak

annakristine said...

Oh my word, HILARIOUS. I came over from Kristin (simplykristin.blogspot.com).

chia, yo said...

LOL!!!!!! I just got back from being away from my computer for a week, this is a great welcome home!!! thanks!

keep it up, home-dawg...

Hannah said...



i approve.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody please tell me what the brother from another mother thing is?

Heidi said...

Hilarious. That's great...

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