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Monday, January 29, 2007

Dear Microsoft...

The folks over here at FCN are big fans of your program, Microsoft Word. After our classes, we type our notes right away on Microsoft Word. There are five reasons for this:

1. Necessity. If we don’t type our notes right away, all our brilliant ideas would lost to the scribbles of time. After all, it has been proven that FCN notes become illegible after 2 hours. Alternate policies have been proposed, such as writing neatly, but we have found that just typing the work on your word processor immediately after classes is much simpler than retaking first grade penmanship.

2. Design. We love the layout of the program. Its makes Adobe Creative Suite look like a child’s toy. Of course, we don’t actually use anything but the spellcheck and save- we just like looking like we know how to use a complex program.

3. Toolbars. Even Adrian Lamo would be stumped by the mess of button-filled tabs that coat the top and side bars of your program. The complexity of Microsoft Word puts other bloggers who use notepad in awe of our PC skills, and for this we are sincerely grateful.

4. Fonts. Who could complain about cool names like “Trebunchet”, “Poor Richard” and “Karkatrina”?

5. Paper Clip Dude. We are greatly saddened by his rejection at the Microsoft conference and are still big fans of the eyebrows. We want to let him know that there are people out there who love and appreciate him.

The purpose of this letter is not only to compliment your good work, but to let you know of a flaw in the programming. We wanted to bring to your attention that FCN is not automatically in the spellcheck, and must be added manually. This serious problem is easily forgiven by magnanimous bloggers such as ourselves, but we do expect that these errors be fixed promptly.

With much love to Clippy,

The FCN Bloggers

P.S. We suggest that the "Microsoft Word 2007" name should be changed to "Microsoft Word FCN", along with an update to add FCN to the spellcheck.


Jacqui said...

wait, wait, they got rid of Clippy??

CountryGoalie said...

Trebuchet. Trebuchet MS.

If I were that font, I would be offended at being called "Trebunchet". After all, to be named after the greatest medieval siege agent ever is a great honor. An honor that you have besmirched. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

guitarbob said...

you microsoft users...... mac and linux are better, as microsoft just steals everything (dock, smooth look, etc.) and doesnt do it as well. the only thing i give microsoft cresit for is xbox 360..... which is okay