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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nation Mottos

Our writing contest invited readers to send in their own funny class notes for consideration and publication. In response, we got everything from the image enhancement to dry comedy. Dry comedy won. Below is the winning post from Randy Hawthorne:

France’s motto: At least we have good food

Germany’s motto: Hitler? I really don’t know what you are talking about

Canada’s motto: A home for those too liberal to live in the United States

California’s motto: We aren’t Canada, but at least we try

USA’s motto: Home of the Free, land of the Brave

Mexico’s motto: I think I see a hole in the fence

United Kingdom’s motto: There was a day when the sun never set on the British Empire

China’s motto: More is less

Japan’s motto: One step ahead the rest of the gaming world

North Korea’s motto: Let’s go nuclear!

Taiwan’s motto: We aren’t China

Iran’s motto: The US can burn

Israel’s motto: Please…don’t…hurt…me…

Alaska’s motto: Burn the caribou

Russia’s motto: We are still a threat!

Mexico’s motto: Mr. Bush, tear down that wall!

Italy’s motto: We can sure beat the US!...well…when it comes to soccer at least.

Cherokee Nation’s motto: Check out the welfare wagon!

Randy Hawthorn


Anonymous said...

Minnesotas motto: Land of the cold

--Evgenia-- said...

California: Home of the venti non-fat extra hot no whip decaf latte