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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The sun was so bright...

At long last, after several long bleak winter months and some intermittent rain, the Great Meteorologist saw fit to bless this land with a little sunshine. And He did so in oodles. It was really bright outside. It was so bright that...

...Normal American citizens were buying sunglasses like so many obese people at a fastfood giveaway.

...The paint melted off Nancy Pelosi's face.

...California's roads got that much worse.

...Travis broke a sweat.

...The UV rays killed ants without the help of a magnifying lens.

...Earthly vegetation began producing oxygen through photosynthesis at a frenetic pace.

...Al Gore produced a new documentary on the dangers of excessive oxygen in the atmosphere.

...Eight federal prosecutors resigned, just so they could get some time off work and absorb some rays.

...Botox flowed from Arnold's forehead to the nape of his neck.

...The ground gave up hope of more rain.

...Bush 41 got dehydrated.

...The coyotes shut down cross border transit to issue sombreros.

...Google got sunburned.


Anonymous said...

Very Funny...but whats the deal with Nancy Pelosi? Did she leave Heart Broken. LOL...

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way there's suppose to be a "you" in between "Leave...and Heart Broken", sorry for the grammatical error.