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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Unaddicted Reader

FCN received the following message yesterday:

How does one often feel after reading FCN? No offense, but words just can't just describe my feelings after reading FCN. I hope my picture will suffice.

And in the humble opinion of this non addicted FCN reader, I think this would make an excellent photo for your sidebar profile picture. Your non addicted readers would no longer have to gasp for words when confronted to explain their feelings about FCN. Imagine! We could just point at the adorable, yet frantic, cat. " I feeleth thus," we studder, as we point with shaking fingers toward the photo of the adorable, yet frantic, cat.

Yes, I love FCN. Shall I say it rocks? It is just above tolerable--so I tolerate it. =)

-the unaddicted reader, Kezzie
Thank you, Kezzie, for your eloquent input and, of course, the very expressive image that completely sums up how we feel about the honorable congresswoman from the 8th District of California and, it seems, how at least one of our readers feels about FCN.

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