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Friday, August 17, 2007

FCN Branches Out

FCN's T-shirt line was wildly popular. I mean, we could practically retire on all the money we've made in the last few months. Hanes contacted us about a design buyout, but we stayed true to ourselves and the FCN brand, because we're not in this for money.

Oh, what the heck. Who are we kidding? Our T-shirts aren't wildly popular, we'll probably be scrounging for food when we're eighty (if we live that long), Hanes doesn't know we exist, and we're definitely in this for money. About the only true thing in the above paragraph was that we stayed true to ourselves. Whatever that means.

Anyway, since the T-shirts aren't selling, we thought we'd try expanding our horizons. Today, we proudly unveil the official FCN hoodie and the first and second official FCN bumper stickers - one for each side of your car. Come on, people. You know you want one. You know your friends want one. You know people you haven't even met want one. You know you'll make people envious if you have them. You know you'll make people even envious-er if you have a dozen.

We'll tell you honestly: our self esteem is in the tank right now. Nobody seems to love us enough to buy our stuff. If you like us, even just a little smidge, go check out our gallery. Please. Pretty please. With sugar on top. And whipped cream and a cherry. Which we can't pay for. Just go to


and have a heydey. After all we've done for you, it's the least we could ask for.

If you are feeling especially devious, get one of the bumper stickers to put on your parent's car when they aren't looking. The stickers are, like us, really cheap, and you're parents will be elated to do some free advertising. Trust us. Or you could put one on a friends car when you come over to visit; it would be like smoking a peace pipe with them, only less gross. Or you could get several stickers (cheaper in bulk!) and go through parking lots pasting them to various random cars. The owners would become irate and peel the offending message from their bumpers, but they might also become curious and check out the site: It's a new form of FCN evangelism.

Okay, I'll stop.


LDer said...

I'll buy some stuff, but, like FCN staff, my bank account doesn't look fabulous. I am in for a bumpersticker, though, and a couple shirts look...interesting, to say the least.

Say, could you come up with a zippered hoodie? That would be something I would wear with pride. I use hoodies more than T-shirts, anyways.

Christopher Yerziklewski said...

Yes, I'm liking the zippered hoodie idea more then the pull over. I'd consider one of those, and I may be buying a shirt or two from you pretty soon.

adrialien said...

i love the extremely subtle shirt...as soon as i have a spare $25 (ha!), i'll be buying one.