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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pop Quiz #3

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls please clear your desk of all notebooks, papers and digital assistants and prepare yourselves for an FCN Pop Quiz! You may, of course, keep your computer on, just don't click on the answer hyperlinks until you've answered all the questions. That includes you, Team Cheese; no fair clicking on the hyperlinks until after taking the quiz. Simply select the best solution you can, maybe scratch a notation on a pad of paper to signify your decision and force a modicum of consistency, and look at the bottom of the post for the answers.

1. Who is older?

a) Cindy Sheehan

b) Shania Twain

c) Oprah Winfrey

d) Cynthia McKinney

2. Which of the following pled guilty?

a) Scott Peterson

b) Micheal Vick

c) Tim Donaghy

d) Phil Spector

3. Which is a bigger killer of American males (measured by total mortality)?


b) Alzheimer's disease

c) Flu

d) Colon Cancer

4. Which nation has the highest tax rate (measured by the highest average effective tax rates on business capital investments)?

a) United States of America

b) France

c) Congo

d) Hong Kong

e) Mexico

5. Which Republican candidate won the Iowa straw poll?

a) Mitt Romney

b) Mike Huckabee

c) John McCain

d) Ron Paul

Ok, have you finished? No fair peeking unless you're done...

If you answered "C" to questions 1-4 and "A" to question 5, you aced the test. That's pretty good; you did well enough to enroll in a European school.

If you answered something other than the key listed above on one question, you did decently. I hear an American private school calling your name.

If you missed 2-4 questions, you are a product of the American public schooling system. Not a lot you can do about that, buddy. I have some controlled substances that help ease the pain, but you are pretty well situated in your peer-defined education. Enjoy it.

If you missed all the questions, you should try cheating next time or join me in America's higher education system. Or you could go back to day care. Or you could leave a comment disputing the answers and bemoaning the quality of our pop quiz.


adrialien said...

Wait - you mean all those years I thought I was being home schooled, I was actually attending public school? Scary. Maybe I should be comitted.

Anonymous said...

xI hear an American private school calling my name...

Anonymous said...

YAY DAY CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!