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Monday, November 05, 2007

Season's Greetings!

It's that time of year again.

It's a time for people across the nation to be consumed in a vague sense of excitement and cheeriness.

It's a time for Wal-Mart to make a quarter of it's annual sales.

It's a time for the streets around the malls to clog.

It's a time to have family reunions with people you pretend to like.

It's a time for cheery winter songs.

It's a time for sleigh rides.

It's a time for turkey.

It's a time to buy presents for everyone you know.

It's a time to get presents from people who don't know you well enough.

It's a time that gets pushed deeper and deeper into November every year.

FCN refuses to get left behind. Last year we did almost nothing for the holidays, and what we did was decidedly intolerant of those who don't recognize this rather narrow celebration. This year, we're doing it right. Uncle Wally repainted the site with generic holiday colors to highlight this festive attitude.

We're not celebrating any holiday per se. We're celebrating The Holidays. We're celebrating That Time of Year Again. We're happy to be happy. We're celebrating to celebrate. It is only in this broader sense that we can hope to appeal to everyone and offend no one.

And so, from all of us here at FCN, we want to wish you a holiday season as happy as this greeting is enigmatic.


Trevor said...

Merry Christmas! As ou can see, I don't mind offending anyone. Keep the 'Christ' in Christmas, I say.

Merry Christmas said...

hud tu say murry mimis ur i wuod not af slebt...Merry CHRISTmas

Matthew said...

Merry christMAS.

adrialien said...

is the "red" supposed to be a pale, sickly, plummy color?

Guitarbob said...

i like the red... its kinda maroonish... its very modern, not boring. Merry Christmas