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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What To Get the FCN fan who has Everything.

Just in time for Black Friday, we've unveiled two more FCN products: a tie and a mug. Nothing spells classy better than one of these two pieces of gear, except maybe an object with actual class. The fact is, we're just trying to ride the holiday buying rush by boosting our royalty profits beyond the one dollar mark. If we can scrape up enough to take ourselves to In N Out for Christmas, we'll be happy.

So please, people. We're asking nicely. Spread the holiday cheer our way. Buy presents for all the relatives you don't know well enough to find thoughtful gifts for. Or for an FCN fan. If you happen to know one.

Would it help if we told you the money goes to help starving kids in Africa who can't have Christmas? Also, that it's patriotic? And that Chuck Norris wants you to buy it?

Just head on over here, which is the same as


Don't forget the asterisk, which gives us brownie points with Zazzle for some reason. We've been through this.


A City in Germany said...

I <3 Mommy G! I <3 Mommy G!!!


Soon...and very soon....

guitarbob said...

Chuck Norris is an important point... i'm afraid. (I would buy one too, if Jack bauer wasn't sitting next to me... muahaha