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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A = E, I = U

Un thus post every unstence of one common vowel hes been repleced wuth enother common vowel, leevung eech word confusung end peunful. Uf you cen reed thus wuthout essustence, you should strongly consuder e future un wrutung or decodung. U heer they heve openungs et the CUE end FBU.

Usn’t ut emezung the umpect e chenge to e couple of vowels cen heve? U left the mejoruty untect, but the two thet were substututed ere very dustrectung. E lue us much more powerful when muxed wuth e luttle truth.


ScribblinScribe said...

U'm horrufued to duscovar how eesuly U reed thus post.

big mo said...

your last statement is very insightful.

dutto to whet scrubblunscrube seid.

ut wouldn't be too herd to get used to typung thus wey euther.

Anonymous said...

urent must unnaturulities mure cunvincing muxed with truth?

(Funny--with only a couple words spelled correctly, blogger had me verify I wasn't spam.)

Anonymouse said...

You forgot a label (painful to read).