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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

FCN Hijacked by "Faithful" Reader

Los Angeles, CA - As the cyber world slept peacefully this morning, the popular humor blog Funny Class Notes was being hijacked. The crime ocurred at approximately 5:17am, although experts say it is impossible to know the exact time.

At first, FCN assumed their arch-rivals - err, friends - at RFCN had stolen their password, but after conducting several hours of interrogation comme Jack Bauer, they concluded that RFCN was not responsible for committing the crime of the century.

Confused, but determined to discover the perpetrator, FCN consulted Uncle Wally, who decided, through means too complicated for your correspondent to understand, that the primary suspect is none other than FCN's fifth reader.

"We are deeply hurt by this, presumed, betrayal from one of FCN's faithful few," F said. "We hope that our fifth reader, whomever he/she is, will repent quickly and restore the blog to its rightful owners."

Others among the FCN faithful few have decided to remove the fifth reader from their ranks and relegate him/her to what, they say, is his/her rightful place among the "faithless few."

Mommy G, however, encouraged FCN's readers not to be too hasty. "Let's not forget that Uncle Wally has identified the 5th reader only as the possible perpetrator. Remember readers, no one is guilty until proven guilty."

Nice alliteration, Mommy G.

Others already ranked among the faithless few include, but are not limited to, anyone who contributes to RFCN, anyone who reads RFCN, and anyone who criticizes FCN.

"On second thought, maybe they should be called the 'faithless many,'" N said in a last-minute phone interview.

C was unavailable for comment, but your correspondent received the following note from an undisclosed source:

"I am livid. When I find out who took over our site, I am going to pound them into the ground. I am going to play the piano when they're trying to sleep. I am going to make them watch reruns of Dancing With the Stars for 3 days straight!"

Anyone with information leading to the discovery and subsequent pwning of the guilty party is asked to email FCN at funnyclassnotes at gmail dot com.


guitarbob said...

Ok, im just going to call you guys out right now. This is an April Fool's day joke. (i rock at calling those, i was born on April Fool's) So, nobody REALLY hacked fcn, and (except for me) nobody is in trouble. I hope i didn't ruin your guys' post tomorrow, but i just had to say it.

I WIN!!!

big mo said...

i love the journalistic style on this thing, guys. very funny. y'all make me smile.

and, C, your threats are priceless. let me just say, i'm glad i'm not the infamous number five, but i wouldn't mind being around to watch and laugh while you punish him.

heh heh heh.

Matthew said...

How on earth did you discover that someone had taken over FCN? All the posts I've seen lately have been of normal quality...

ScribblinScribe said...

Better than normal quality. ;)

"Faithful" Reader said...

Happy birthday then, guitarbob.

Anonymous said...

so should we expect the quality of content to go up or down, it sounded alot like you writing nice job you being...