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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This is the Hijacker Speaking

Dear Readers,
The purpose of this note is simply to alert you to the fact that yesterday's post was not an April Fool's joke. Perhaps it was foolish of me to launch my takeover on the first of April, but nevertheless I am now in control of FCN. While I have not completely removed the original members from this blog, they have been demoted from admins to mere authors.

Given the track record of this blog, I should have known that you would not believe yesterday's post. Unfortunately, it did not occur to me that since you do not know my identity, you would have no reason not to doubt my veracity. Allow me to assure you that I have, indeed, taken over FCN.

Please forgive me if the content over the next few days is more sporadic than what you are accustomed to; I am either less dedicated to FCN, busier, or maybe just lazier than the three friends who (used to) own this blog.



big mo said...


i am appalled, not so much that someone would have the audacity to try to take over a humor blog as by the deplorable lack of retaliation from F, C, and N.

if you still have your wits about you, unsheathe them and cut this impostor to shreds!

Anonymous said...

Hint to FCN: trace the IP address to find the hijacker!!!!!!

But until you catch the crook, I shall be off reading RFCN. Farewell.

you can call me batman said...

so, are either F, C, or N stealing their own blog? that's kinda funny. (I'm still not falliing for it, just to let you know.)

Matthew said...

Nice to meet you, Highjacker. I've been saving a case of Mountain Dew for just such a time as this. Make me an admin (or even just an author), and I'll share with you.

PS I have brownies too.

Amë said...

* yawn *

Off to more interesting areas of the web. The original trio, lemme know when you can actually control your blog again, and I might return.

* slurps some coffee and wanders off into the murky purple *

Christopher Yerziklewski said...

Yep, I don't buy it. this is all just an elaborate hoax designed to try and fool the faithful. Well it won't work on me!

Anonymous said...

This blog has never been so AWESOME. FCN has yet to let a reader down, the blog is full of twists and turns - not to mention downright funny!
Keep up the good work - you almost fooled the faithful. Not this one though.ame - you may return. All is well with FCN.

Anonymous said...

it's been taken over by a girl! (or @ least, I hope it's a girl seeing 'she' made the background pink).

very funny, I don't think u've truely been hijacked. then again maybe its the 12th or 13th or 14th reader who was upset that she was not counted.