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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sincerely Yours, Me

Do you ever get pronoun confusion? It's when the wrong pronoun sounds right (not left) and your friends give you dour looks when you start referring to yourself in the wrong person. You is confused with I even though proper grammar is used throughout. It's a writer's third biggest nightmare (behind actionable nouns and proper verbs). It's linguistic schizophrenia on crack.

We would write a post about the concept, but it's already been done. Our friends at Enlarged to Show Texture, a snazzy blog that just underwent a sexy redesign, have a record of correspondence between two first-person pronouns. And, while I am no editor (please don't make wise cracks about that moment of honesty), all appears to be grammatically correct. Go check it out and leave the girls at EST a nice comment or two.

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