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Thursday, December 28, 2006

It was so windy...

It was breezy today, wasn't it? Boy, the howling wind sure got my attention. How windy was it? It was so windy...

...the dog finally caught his tail.

...we turned off the indoor fans.

...birds flew backwards.

...Travis didn't have to blow dry his hair.

...Travis' hair actually looked good.

...Sam didn't have to tip the cows; he just watched them fall over.

...SUVs actually got good gas mileage.

...my little sister got pulled off to Oz.

...light waves were buffeted.

...I rode the umbrella into town.

...the National Weather Service asked Nancy Pelosi to shut up.

...all the cars at the drug store parking lot were on the south end.

...we had dinner on the wall.

...it was raining garbage.

...I walked outside and was undressed.

...the palm fronds became palm sticks.

...the garden was watered with the pool.

...the chickens were plucked before they were slaughtered.


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
Thanks for letting my family and
I in on your blog page. My Mom, sisters and I were all late to school Tuesday morning because were laughing to hard to go down to breakfast! Thanks for the lgraet time the other night,too. I hope that our families can get together again soon!
Your Friend,

Anonymous said...

MY New Year's resolutions are to...

...never write blog comments when in a hurry,

...never write blog comments when influenced by extreme exhaustion,

...and NEVER write blog comments while under the influence of Nyquil. Extreme grammatical and spelling errors could occur in these instances, making one highly embarrassed.


Kent said...

the wind blew so hard it turned the dog inside out.

The wind blew so hard the chicken laid the same egg three times