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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

FCN vs Daily Kos

We know you think we're just a small, homely blog somewhere on the corner of 5th and Obscurity in a tiny town at the edge of cyberspace. Well, we're not, and we have scientific evidence to prove it.

The Google Fight program is an extremely sophisticated program that harnesses the Google search engine to pit two entities together in a virtual fight. After the complex algorithm is completed, the program shows a readout indicating who won and by how much.

FCN decided to put this program to the test to get the nitty-gritty truth about how we're faring against our direct, high-profile competitors over at the Daily Kos (we'd give you a link, but yeah. Site traffic and all that). We were pleasantly suprised by the results.

Check it out for yourself.

Of course, with positive findings like that, we just had to keep going. We found encouraging news about our position in the universe, and then got down to what the three of us were really dying to know. The first fight showed positive results, but the final test appears totally inconclusive and we suspect there might have been an error in the fight methodology related to the interaction of letter order matrixes and common text strings on time gradients. And by we, I mean me.

A few other interesting fights:

Desperate Student vs His Employer

Nancy Pelosi vs America

Hillary vs Bill

Tom Cruise vs Katie Holmes



Lizzie said...

So very funny!! I like the Nancy Pelosi one. Oh and I put myself (you know who I am) versus a certain blogger (you Know who you are), :)...Guess who wins.

the guthmiller chick said...

Ha! Ha! HA! I Win! I WIN! When I battled against T, C,and D, I won! Sweet! Nice! Awesome! *Does a jig and laughs hysterically*

Anonymous said...

"Daily Kos" beats "FCN"