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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

FCN Expands to Five Readers

It's a big day. A wonderful day. But it's also terrifying.

Ladies and gentlemen (mostly gentlemen, unless you count our moms): for the first time in history, Funny Class Notes has reached it's year-end goal of five unique readers.

We had a "Five Reader Scare" earlier last month when Cody logged on at the computer lab and sent a different IP address, but this error was corrected and the site meter went back down to the heart-breaking four within hours. This is not one of the moments. We have confirmed that the reader's internet signal does not originate from any computer lab. In fact, it does not originate anywhere in the United States. In fact, the signal does not come from this planet at all.

There's something vaguely disturbing about having an extra-terrestrial reader (and yes, you skeptics: we have confirmed that this reader is NOT Adrielle).

It's scary on every level. For instance: we may be the first contact in history between humankind and The Other Life Form(s). If we get it right, we may get access to all kinds of wonderful technology. If not, we may inadvertently plunge our tender species into extra-terrestrial war, only this time, there will be no Spartan-117 to save us.

So, here is our first official message to The Other Life Form(s), which we are making an open letter for the sake of transparency with our readers:

"Hello. We are humans, an innocent, harmless life form that wishes to have peace with you. We encourage you to join LLFCN - if you do so today, we will waive the $50 registration fee."

Of course, the alien nature of our fifth reader is ... challenging ... in other ways as well. It says something about this blog that we are unable to aquire a following without reaching for outside help. In a sense, we feel a bit crowded in the universe knowing there are other life forms out there. In another sense, however, we look at the site meter and suddenly feel very, very lonely.

It's a big day. A wonderful day. But it's also terrifying.


the guthmiller chicks said...

This could be a false alarm. Your new reader could be Mr. Guthmiller. For his employment, he sends satellites to space. So perhaps now he is reading FCN from one of his satellites? He tends to be "way out there."

Aranel said...


Jesse Sloan said...

You guys are on CRACK!!!

asc said...

too funny!

Anonymous said...

Crack? I'd say coke is more likely...

hikifide said...

ah's ben herin' bout does xteresteals an ah thank u an thems varmits iz sevine kins uv krazies.
pls joyn mah blawg reeng.
thay iz
Commited 2 Courtship
hik'd varmin's
The Crush'n (little)Cars under yer tire
an' True Love Waits....u'z shuld jine em, deres lots o purty gurls.

Jacqui said...

oh. my. word.

y'all are a hoot!

gummi said...

c'mon, u guys have more readers than that!!