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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Enforcement of the Authority of the Certificate of Authenticity

Here's the short version of a long story: Mommy G hounded us about fraudulent comments all week. At first we were able to placate her with meaningless buzz phrases like: "I appreciate your concern," and later: "We'll get right on it." But eventually she threatened to cut the flow of brownies, and we immediately held an emergency staff meeting to determine what was to be done. The decision was unanimous, thanks in large part to the silent but conspicuous presence of Mommy G and her wooden spoon in the corner of the room.

Uncle Wally has been ordered to delete all comments from fake Mommy Gs starting the moment this post goes online. In addition, all comments from fake Mommy Gs from before this post are to be deleted at Uncle Wally's leisure.

It's been a great run, you guys. We'll tell you honestly: we found the whole thing absolutely hysterical (but don't tell Mommy G we said so). But when you stand between us and the brownies, something has got to give. And while we may not be able to tell the difference, Uncle Wally and his nifty snifty formula can. So beware, fraudulent fraudsters everywhere. Your Mommy G days are over.

In other news, we were recently asked to create a way for other FCN fans, friends, and family to put their own names on the Certificate. We have provided just such a way. If you're interested (Trevor, you should be reading carefully right around here), just send an email to FunnyClassNotes@Gmail.com and explain how you meet the following criteria:

1) FCN Reader
2) Regular commenter with blogger profile (provide a link)
3) In danger of being fraudulated or fraudulized, I didn't have time to consult a dictionary.

Of course, even if you meet none of these criteria, you can still make it on. Our integrity can be bought pretty cheaply. Money talks. Also brownies.


Kat said...

"f" and "c" and "n", good call. Thats all I can say, good call.

Wait. One more thing...BROWNIES ROCK!!!

adrialien said...

haha! I don't have to bribe you with brownies; I meet all the reqs!

The Philosopher said...

Very good, I like that idea. To bad I don't think anyone will be stealing my name any time soon.

you can call me batman said...

ummm, do cookies count? if not, I'm not really in danger of being 'fraudulized'...lol!
P.S. I must agree with a previous comment from adrialien, you guys should post earlier!

Trevor said...

Yes! Yesyesyesyesyes!!! I AM a reader...

mommy g said...

I'm so glad the nightmare is over! I never knew how frightening identity theft could feel. And yes, f,c,and n, there are brownies in your future!

Matthew said...

IN danger of fraud. Just so you know