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Friday, October 19, 2007

Pop Quiz #4

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls please clear your desk of all notebooks, papers and digital assistants and prepare yourselves for an FCN Pop Quiz! You may, of course, keep your computer on, just don't click on the answer hyperlinks until you've answered all the questions. That includes you, Adrialien; you may be outside the country, but it's still no fair clicking on the hyperlinks until after taking the quiz. Simply select the best solution you can, maybe scratch a notation on a pad of paper to signify your decision and force a modicum of honesty and look at the bottom of the post for the answers.

1) Who is Shinzo Abe?

a) Japanese Businessman who committed suicide after a failed business dealing.
b) Japanese Agriculture and Forestry minister who committed suicide after a cabinet shakeup.
c) Former Japanese Prime Minister.
d) Champion Japanese Sumo wrestler.

2) How old is the first Baby Boomer to have filed for Social Security benefits?

a) 60 (born in 1947)
b) 61 (born in 1946)
c) 62 (born in 1945)
d) 63 (born in 1944)

3) Which of the following songs does Leann Rimes perform in her hit album Family?

a) "Nothin' Better to Do"
b) "Stupid Boy"
c) "Fall"
d) "Before He Cheats"

4) Name the two undefeated teams in the National Football League right now.

a) Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts.
b) New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys.
c) New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers.
d) New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts.

5) Which of the following products has Greenpeace accused of containing "hazardous products?"

a) Microsoft Zoon.
b) LG Camera Phone.
c) Apple iPhone.
d) Motorola Moto Q9h
e) Greenpeace has accused none of the above of containing "hazardous products."

Ok, have you finished? That took you a long time. Are you sure you don't want to go back and change one of your answers? You can still do so without losing face. That Leann Rimes question really had you going, you might want to rethink it.

Unlike past pop quizzes, the answers were organized in a simple reverse rolling algorithm. If you haven't tried to predict the right response by guessing ahead and using a little math, we are sorry to inconvenience you with the change. If you have treated these little quizzes as math exams, we gotcha. Hah!

Here are the answers, see if you can find the pattern:


If you got all the questions right, you did excellently. You are very bright. You may want to start developing Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technologies. (That stands for SMART). Or you could humble yourself by taking any of FCN's past Pop Quizzes.

If you got all but one right, don't feel too badly about the one you missed. Think about the ones you did get. And don't, whatever you do, consider your performance a "B."

If you missed 2-4 questions, you may want to consider a course of treatment with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor.

If you missed all the questions, take heart, the quiz was probably a complete fabrication anyway. Be happy in knowing you are more intelligent than everyone else.


adrialien said...

Did you guys just accuse me of being a cheater? Just WAIT until I get back to the states, you low-down snakes in the grass, you!

Kat said...

That was rude, poor adrialien, accusing her of such a low act. She would never do that. But enough with the sympathy.

I liked the pop quiz, I've always liked them. Just not in the classroom.

Lost said...

You guys need to fix your search engine. I can't find anything!

shark tooth vs unrivaled humor said...

I forgot to laugh...(FCN few might want to start running)

Anonymous said...

You guys need to get your act together...RFCN is getting tons more comments!

adrialien said...

not anymore, it isn't! they just deleted all the comments on their last post...isn't that the lamest? and now they're requiring blog owner approval for all future comments, so no one will ever know what's being censored and what's not!

mommy g said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mommy g said...

HEY! the above mommy g is not me! brother wally! you need to fix that!

mommy g said...

The above is not me!

spatulasdohurt said...

To show her displeasure of the theft of her identity, the REAL Mommy G went out and bought 5 new spatulas. She even named them: Fake Mommy g #1, Fake Mommy g #2, F, C and N. Watch out...she'll get you all good.

mumble's the word said...

We now appear to have only two mommy gs. Now, I think two is one too many. The one who wrote "brother wally! you need to fix that!" does not have a link to FCNauthentic, but to FCauthentic (no "n"). The two sites look almost exactly the same, except that the claim on FCauthentic was posted a day after the other, and was posted by "mommy g". If you check the "mommy g" listed on each site, they link to the same blogger profile--but the blue link on here sends you to a different profile.

Uncle Wally, get out your fingerprinting kit.

And I'd be cautious of either one coming at you with a spatula.

mommy g said...

Warming up my spatulas.....

The real mommy g said...

That's hilarious. I'm the one who started this, and now someone else has taken over!