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Monday, October 29, 2007

Plant Pathology Blues

It's true. We're uploading another movie.

This one was written and directed by someone who is only tangentially (read: familiarly) related to the FCN Team. But F was behind the camera, and he edited it. So we're uploading it.

This movie was presented last Friday at the Annual Plant Pathology Social at UC Davis. It's basically a place for a nerds to hang out in one of the smallest, most obscure departments on a world-famous campus and scratch each other's backs. Traditionally, such movies are really really cheap and cheesy, and are full of inside jokes. This year was no exception.

This year, the lot fell to Ryan H to produce the movie for the social, and he contacted his movie-freak brother to get it done. The movie-freak brother agreed when the university promised to compensate him with 2 free shirts.

While this movie was never intended for general consumption, we decided to upload it because:

1) We're starved for new content.
2) Some of it is funny even if you don't know the inside jokes.
3) An FCN reader asked us to post another movie.
4) See point 1.

And so we present, without further ado, the Plant Pathology Blues, presented in 3 formats for you discriminating readers.

Part 1 and Part 2



Anonymous said...

umm, ok. I'm sure if I'd gotten at least half of those inside jokes, I probably would have died laughing. I did think it was really cool that you got all those people to cooperate, though.

homeschool mom said...

thrilled that i happened upon your blog...
after viewing "plant pathology blues" couldn't help but notice a companion video..."Zoospore Discharge in Phytophthora Sojae" -the later being a real knee slapper.
When I grow up I want to be a plant pathologist.

Anonymous said...


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