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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Selbmarcd Lrettes

Wlihe smoe wdros are hrad to dehpicer wehn the ioiretnr lrettes are selbmarcd, oreths are pttery esay to frugie out. In fcat, you may jsut be albe to raed tihs scnetnee wtihout so mcuh as a hctih if you hvae lenraed to shgit raed iaetsnd of snidnoug out erevy wrod pllacitenopy. Yuor mromey ptus the wdors tehtgeor for you form shgit and you unatsredd slaml wdors qlkciuy and legrar wdros aetfr smoe tniknihg.


teh dsylxeic one said...

yaaaayyy I'm tno teh noly ysdlexic noe ranuod rehe!!!!

Kat said...

I lvoe tehse!!! Tehy are soo mcuh fun!

But isn't true that the first and last letters must stay the same? Eg. because=bceasue