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Friday, January 11, 2008

Going Bananas for the Guinness Book of World Records

Of all the things to accomplish in this time on earth (sky diving, street miming and dropping a twenty dollar bill out of a sky scraper to watch the masses scramble down below) one of my highest priorities is to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records. This respected book, published in volume format every anum, lists the greatest accomplishments and other physical feats of the last 52 weeks. It tells which woman has the longest beard (an 11 inch Moses motif), how many phone books a strongman has torn apart, longest spaghetti nasal ejection (just over nine feet) and the heaviest weight pulled with the the skin of one’s back. The performances listed are so astounding, so compelling, and so just plain random that they drive even a normally derelict individual to at least make an attempt at greatness.

There is a finite number of names the record keepers can fit onto the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records. Most people who try never get into print and are relegated to the oblivion of “almosts,” those who suffer all the disadvantages of an attempt but don't get to be recorded in infamy. That makes those who are fortunate enough to be blessed with recognition that much more awesome. It is a great achievement, a high honor, a noble goal. Greatness, majesty and splendor are all words that describe what a placement in the book of records means. Readers may have to fight against disgusting natural impulses when they read and see pictures of a record, but they always turn the page and go back for more.

I am particularly impressed with the food records. Participants gulp down large quantities of food and, in order for the record to be counted, must keep the food down for twenty minutes. Trips to the bathroom are monitored by Guinness staff who ensure that all food eaten stays in the stomach. The regulations also stipulate bites per spoonful limitations and one person was disqualified mid-attempt for speaking with his mouthful. Despite these strict rules, some significant appetite erasing records have been set. Various brave souls have eaten large quantities of mashed potatoes, pork rinds, and even salted peanuts in order to get their names immortalized in the big book of records. One Atalanta resident managed to eat 27 dozen oysters in ten minutes. Given that oysters are an aphrodisiac, the night after the attempt must have been immensely frustrating.

The key to breaking a world record is to find a record that seems deflated, something you could do better on. A fingernail that is less than three or four inches long, a toy collection that is on the low side of 1,000 count and a miniature tomato larger than an ounce are all likely candidates. Once you find your target, start training and get ready to become a record holder.

My personal target, after perusing the 2008 edition for over four hours, is "most bananas eaten and pealed (not necessarily in that order) in one minute." The number for the banana record is so low that it looks like a typo. It looks like something I could do without practice, training or preparation. According to Guinness, the most bananas eaten in their natural state in one minute is two. Dos. Zwei.

Without Guinness’ unbiased witnesses and a reliable timer on hand, I will not make an attempt to beat the record (the effort would be wasted without official recognition), but I have thought about banana eating strategy, including jaw and throat elongation for maximum banana packing and, at least in my mind, I can conceive of eating at least three bananas within the alloted time. The number I could actually push down the hatch depends on their relative size. If I were allowed to by the Guinness people, I would visit the supermarket and pick out the smallest, puniest and softest bananas possible. And, as long as I am making an attempt, I may as well smash them a little.

Speaking of smashing, I think that might be a good way of getting the bananas down quickly. After peeling them open (one by one) I will mash them with my palm so that they don’t get stuck anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract and form an embarrassing cork. After that, my only strategy is just to masticate as quickly and efficiently as possible. I will leave all manners behind (except those mandated by Guinness) and get banana into stomach without a lot of formal introduction.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

If one of you wants to set a world record, find your own category to make a try. And, if you decide try to steal away my chance at glory before I make an attempt, as I suspect many of the less scrupulous among you are considering, send us a video so we can share it with the rest of FCN.

And stay clear of oysters.


200 said...

I just had to say how sad and lonely that banana looks in that picture.


The Wiz said...

Today is 02/05/08. I just saw an episode of Rob and Big on MTV. Christopher "Big Black" Boykin just broke this record. The new record is......3. Rob Dyrdek set 21records.

Anonymous said...

I ate 2 in 31 seconds with little effort after a friend told me about the mtv show.. I believe I can get down 4 in 58 seconds.

fast eddie said...

i swear to anyone and i dont care if your dont believe me but i can peel and put down a banana i about 5-7 seconds. I ate 3 in a row in just about 20 seconds and will smash 3 bananas in 1 minute. No drink either.

Anonymous said...

what a wuss record... we were bored at work so we just got our manager to do 4 bananas in 39 seconds. piece of cake.

Anonymous said...

watch the episode and you will see that there are stricter rules then just cramming banana after banana into your mouth. Big Black had to show an empty mouth to the adjunct who has to verify and clear him before beginning to open the next banana...that of course wastes time which is why its a little harder then you think. They have strict rules you have to follow.

Anonymous said...

Love the post. You may not believe it but I Ryan Coyne am a Guinness record holder of most bananas eaten in a minute at four. It took me several attempts but I got it finally. But now currently Ross Cline and Aaron Foster have set the record at five so good luck if someone tries. I have not put my video on youtube yet however.

Anonymous said...

I Just Ate 2 on 27 seconds i could get 4 in 54 seconds what you got now

Anonymous said...

ryan coyne.. really? you held the world record at 4? congrats. i didnt see that when i went to do it. i am aaron foster and i currently hold the record at 5. its good to know someone else has atleast tried this. the record i share with Ross Cline didnt make it into the 2009 book, but big black's did. i wrote to them and they said i didnt send it in on time for the '09 book.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Coyne is the man, He has his own TV show in VT called the record breaker. Its great, every week he himself or someone else try's to break a record. I'm not sure if its for the guinness book or just for entertainment, either way its very funny. Here is a link on the Guinness web site of him breaking the record of 4 bananas