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Saturday, February 03, 2007

STUDY: FunnyClassNotes.com is easier to type than FunnyClassNotes.BlogSpot.Com

A recent study by researchers at the FCN lab found that typing FunnyClassNotes.com takes less time than entering funnyclassnotes.blogspot.com.

Three participants, who were required to type FunnyClassNotes.com dozens of times, discovered that it only took 7 seconds to type the shorter web address. Under the same controlled conditions, it was found that it required 12 seconds to type funnyclassnotes.blogspot.com. In the end, the analysts of the research were confident that there is a substantial difference in typing time.

Much thought and energy were put into the tests. In an interview with FCN, Daniel, the principle investigator stated, "We planed to have a control group, but we realized that it would just be too strange if we asked people to type FunnyClassNotes.com over and over again."

FCN readers will have a much easier time logging into the #1 Californian conservative student group humor and class notes blog with fewer than ten readers. Considering that most of the readers view FCN daily, it is estimated that the five seconds saved every day will allow the regular FCN reader to conserve 1825 seconds (or thirty minutes and 41.6 seconds) a year.

Travis, one of the three participants, became quite animated during an in-depth interview after the results of the study were released. "Think about it - by saving people all of this typing time, we can more than balance out the $7.20 is cost to get the name FunnyClassNotes.com registered. If we save the daily FCN reader thirty minutes a year and there are almost five daily readers, [assuming minimum wage is $7.50] we are actually saving FCN readers a grand total of $225 a year! That's almost enough to buy the Pink 4GB Nano Ipod I want - and an Idog to match! Of course, this is all assuming time is money."

All in all, the switch to FunnyClassNotes.com is a change for the better.

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