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Thursday, February 08, 2007


The other day a friend asked me to right down all the homonyms I could think of. I was holy unprepared for the task:

“Holly cow,” I said allowed. “Their a lot of these.”

“I know, that’s what I thought, two. You mussed do it though. But please try to be discrete about it,” my friend replied. “Its not as if I am going to prophet from this!”

He put so much pressure on me. It felt like I had a pistil pointed at my aye browse. No, it felt like he was pointing a canon at me. Even if I ducked quickly, I doubted the missal would have mist. My friend was going to seer fear into my mined. Maybe I would feel better if he offered me some cache for my work or sang a Christmas carrel.

I excepted his challenge and began creating an affective list. Sometimes its hard to find the rite homonym; just as you begin to wright it, you realize the word isn’t a homonym apteral.

I considered my options for a minute and than began scribbling. Than I got hungry, so I ordered some Chinese Wanton. The whether was good, good enough for a pyknic, so I putt on my shoo and went outside for some air. A large mousse walked by, causing a minor toxin and forcing a frightened creek from my friend.

“You’re running out of thyme,” my friend said, who had obviously been Sheik-en by the animal.

“Your so rued,” I told my friend as I staid put.

I tried to titan my concentration, focusing my cite on objects cloth and fair away. I tried not to steel anyone’s ideas and wait for the tide of thoughts to return. I eight some bytes of food to help my thoughts, butt not even that worked. I thought about bier, but I was underage and not aloud to drink boos.

I was getting frustrated. The energy was draining from my gored. I was a guerrilla without any hare. A loot without any strings.

I decided that was about enough and handed my page to my friend, who called me a succor. He said I was suite, though, and that he would make me an ice cream Sunday for my trouble.

“No problem,” I said before I tiered up, “good-buy.”


Vevy said...

Hahahahah! I appreciated that.
How do mousse walk?

Hannah Beth said...

I've bean amazed bye this post. Yore fiend...I mean, friend, was offal to put sew much pressure on you!

CountryGoalie said...

Oh, my head. My head! That was a grammarian's nightmare.

I'm sending you the bill if I end up in therapy.

Aranel said...

Hahaha! Loved it! =D

lee woo said...

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