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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Life Tip #8

If someone "steals" your parking spot, just move on and find another.

If someone "steals" your parking spot and you get really mad, don't pull out a gun and shoot the man who stole your spot.

Even if a really irate woman is egging you on and shouting at you to "put a cap in his [gluteus maximus]," don't pull the trigger.

If you do succumb to an irate woman's shouts to "put a cap in his [gluteus maximus]," don't fire seven shots.


Hannah Beth said...

*Move over, Dear Abby. Funny Class Notes is taking over.*

Thanks for that Life Tip. I've been losing sleep considering what I'd do in such a situation....

CountryGoalie said...

Indeed, Hannah Beth, I agree with you. The best alternative that I could come up with was a really big slingshot.