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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Steve has a new system sound!

I just wanted to update all of you on the Steve situation. My computer has a new system noise. I was really getting tired of the abrupt “beep” he always made when he wanted to express some kind of emotion (happy or sad), so I was elated to discover this morning that he also has a “swoosh” sound. It's quieter than the beep and demonstrates more subtle feeling.

Steve won't swoosh when he is really mad or his battery is getting dangerously low, but he might if he thinks the Internet connection is a tad slow or if he gets lonely. It's a 100% improvement in variety and will make my computer experience that much more gratifying.

If you're curious to hear the sound, simply turn off the sound on your system and press your Shift key five times quickly. If you want to hear it again, just press cancel and repeat.


Arowen said...

I interested in what would happen if I took your advice.

asc said...

i don't know why i'd want to do that...my keys are ALREADY sticky from the time i spilled a whole cup of hot chocolate on them :]

Vevy said...

Humph. My laptop didn't make any swoosh noise!

--Evgenia-- said...

Ummm what the heck did I just do to my computer??
It's making random squirrely noises now........:{