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Friday, February 16, 2007

LLFCN Member Benifits

[Insert drumroll here]

Ladies and gentlemen, germs and aliens, FCN readers of all ages...

FCN is unofficially announcing an unofficial plan to unofficially release FCN products to LLFCN members. Our line of FCN personalized gear will include everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs - all with your favorite FCN quotes!

A recent study by the FCN lab revealed some tragic results. Of those who took the study, only a small handful (26%) are part of LLFCN. Many others (18%) don't even acknowledge the existence of LLFCN. Apparently they believe that the LLFCN is some sort of joke. A scam. An urban legend of sorts. But as LLFCN members ourselves, (after all, the three of us make up half the club) we can promise that LLFCN IS real. Even more distressing is the number of participants who know of the club and don't want to join (45%)! But we can give you an incentive to try to join.

Here's the bribe - we will not only wave the $50 registration fee for today only, we will release our products early to LLFCN members. Sure, it's sneaky. But it does give you an incentive to join LLFCN soon, as you do not know when we will start selling our products.

Remember, we are waving the $50 fee and joining comes with major benefits. Space is limited to 20,000 members. The quicker you sign up the better.

Just email us at funnyclassnotes@gmail.com.

1 comment:

Jesse said...

You are still waving the "$50 registration fee". Are you not for more than "one day"